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After a long day in St. Petersburg, it is time to taste a delicious meal of Russian cuisine. The Russian food scene and how creative and forward-looking it is today - we've selected 10 of the best restaurants in St. Petersburg to show what's good and bad about local cuisine in the Russian capital. The 9 restaurants listed above are worth a visit during your visit. Check out these 10 restaurants that have been carefully selected and recommended by tourists who have visited these places during our food tour of Saint Petersburg. After tasting local dishes in St. Petersburg, there is no better time than now to visit one of these delicious restaurants.

Finally, the café Lilya Brik is one of the most popular restaurants in St. Petersburg with a good selection of food. Experience Russian cuisine at the Cafe Lilyas Briks restaurant in St Petersburg and be sure that the specialties are Russian and Soviet dishes and the prices are above average.

Perhaps the most popular restaurant in St. Petersburg, and one of the few that has retained its original name and location, is Cafe Lilya Brik.

This is why Russia has a place on the world map of gastronomy and St. Petersburg is famous for its restaurants. Many of them are even envied in Moscow, but the St Petersburg caterers do their best to keep everything. In many restaurants in the city, from the most famous to the least known, you can enjoy the best Indian recipes. Saint Petersburg offers a wide selection of dishes as well as a wide selection of wines and beers, such as vodka and vodka.

These restaurants will give you a lifetime of Russian experience and make your trip as a Russian one of the most memorable, no matter which country you travel to.

We hope that you will get the chance to experience the best Russian cuisine when you visit St. Petersburg, and you can read all about our culinary experiences here. We hope you will find this list of restaurants in Saint Petersburg Russia as a useful resource for your next trip to the city, but it should not be overlooked. Share on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and quit everything here!

The Michelin guide for France has not yet arrived in Russia, so you won't find Russian restaurants in this guide. Sights in Saint Petersburg travel guide, which will be very handy for your trip, as well as a list of popular restaurants.

If you want to eat well in the palace, there is a restaurant I # ve heard that always referred to as the best in St. Petersburg and one of the most luxurious in Russia. This restaurant is not for you, so try the hotel's other restaurant, Taleon, instead. It has been voted the "most luxurious restaurant in St Petersburg" three times and I am always glad to hear that. If you want a chic meal, I would recommend this well-rated restaurant if you are further away from the palaces.

Stolovaya No. 1 is a franchise company with about a dozen locations in St. Petersburg that offer low-cost Russian chows. Other buffets of the chain are served by other chains like Buffet, but this is the only one of its kind in Russia and probably the best in the world.

Probka Dobrolyubova is one of the oldest restaurants in St. Petersburg, owned by the famous chef and entrepreneur Aram Mnatsakanov. It was the first project of chef Dmitry Blinov and has been on the list of the best restaurants in Saint Petersburg for just over a year. It is also one of the best in the city and the only one in the world with its own restaurant chain.

Eating in St. Petersburg, Russia is not a problem, but a real pleasure, with so many restaurants available that serve different cuisines with different budgets and with different dishes. St. Petersburg is full of interesting and diverse restaurants, so we can eliminate all negative ideas about the city.

Most restaurants in St. Petersburg offer extremely good value for money and it really is the culinary capital of Russia. If you are looking for good food with good food, good service and good prices, then you should be in the restaurant Podvorye. Moroshka is a great restaurant with good food and good service, but also a very expensive one.

The interior is decorated in a grand style and the menu includes traditional cuisine, which is different in St. Petersburg. Moskva is one of the restaurants of the Ginza Project and we will introduce you to the restaurants where you can taste Russian cuisine. The restaurant terrace offers a great view over the city center and a good view of the Russian capital. Russian cuisine and perfectly fit the concept of this restaurant, but also the quality of its food.

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